Capital Raises

At Pivot Capital, we work with our clients to help develop their organization's most optimal capital structure. So if your company is looking for the additional capital to execute on operational strategy or an ownership team is looking to sell a minority interest to "take some chips off the table," Pivot Capital has the resources and team to deliver.

What We Do

Paired with Pivot Capital’s Strategic Advisory Services, we bring a unique approach to the investment banking industry. Positioned to source capital between Angel/VC & Institutional, Pivot Capital leverages international industry associations and networks to source the early-stage and growth capital required to take our client’s model to the next level. At Pivot Capital, we’re always excited to partner with tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and industry leaders. So let us help you with accessing capital to get there!

Our Process

Pivot Capital’s Strategic Advisory Services provides the operational guidance and support to help assist in an early-stage enterprise’s risk reduction and value enhancement. The biggest hurdle most early-stage companies have to overcome is the perception of risk within their model, management team and execution strategy, to name a few. Through our structured risk reduction and value enhancement model, we can work with our clients in a way that positions them well in the market and gives them the best opportunity to attract the capital injection they require to continue forward.

We start by clearly articulating the market opportunity and strategic goals of the client.
Our bankers position the company in a way that will capture the right investment partner’s attention.

Our financial analysts will produce a detailed, defensible, and compelling economic forecast to drive a premium valuation.