Mergers & Acquisitions

With over 30 years of combined M&A, Valuation, and Integration experience, the Pivot Capital team embraces a more dynamic and holistic teaming approach of analyzing a transaction from the scope of many different angles. Through this approach to process management, Pivot Capital can deliver in harvesting the VALUE built within your company.

What We Do

We assess funding requirements, strategic vision, outlook, and business culture to help company management and shareholders raise the investment capital required to grow their business. Growth Capital involves raising funds for strategic initiatives identified by management or acts as a mechanism for funding acquisitions

Our Process

We work with our clients to thoroughly prepare for this kind of rigorous business evaluation before we go to the market and engage with potential investors who have proven track records of building successful companies.

We start by clearly articulating the market opportunity and strategic goals of the client.

Our bankers position the company in a way that will capture the right investment partner’s attention.

Our financial analysts will produce a detailed, defensible, and compelling economic forecast to drive a premium valuation.